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Phone: 407-823-5776
Hours: Fall 2013
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What is ASCE?
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Chapter at the University of Central Florida is the largest engineering organization on campus. Our main goal is to ensure that our club properly prepares students for their professional careers. In order to further develop our members we have several events and competitions we participate in. Our biggest event is the ASCE annual student conference where we compete against other southeastern engineering schools for a chance to go to the national level. Last year we placed 3rd overall at the regional conference and are striving for first place this year. As Civil Engineers we understand that our mission is to make the world a better place. Last year alone our members logged over 750 community service hours! This year we plan to continue with our high level of community involvement.

General Meetings
Our next club meeting will be February 19th in MSB 360 at 7:30pm. At our meetings we invite industry professionals to speak to students about engineering in the workforce, internships, resume building, networking, and much more. Don't forget as always free pizza!

ASCE Membership
To become an official member please make sure to pay $30 either during a meeting or turn in dues to an officer in the ASCE office. Membership includes an ASCE T-shirt, exclusive scholarships and internship opportunities, as well as access to attend the Southeastern Conference.

ASCE National Membership
Joining the ASCE National Membership is an important and necessary step to further your career and UCF membership. Extending your network beyond the school boundaries and staying up to date with the latest technical information, government relations, and career resources. National Membership is required to participate in the Southeastern ASCE Conference. Website:

Free Autodesk Software
What: Free Software for Students in the Education Community.

"Graduating this semester? Looking to stay involved with ASCE? The ASCE Younger Members Forum (YMF) is a great place for young engineers to transition from the University to the workplace. YMF offers young engineers the opportunity to socialize, serve and learn with other engineers in the Central Florida area. For more information onYMF, please check out our Facebook page "ASCE East Central Branch Younger Members Forum" Click Here to Join!
or contact Alex Hinkle at

For information on upcoming luncheons, community service, technical and networking events, and how to join, go to:

Job Openings

Community Service

Southeast Conference
2014 Southeast Conference
Hosted annually by one of the participating universities the 2014 ASCE Student Southeast Conference will be held in USF. It is designed to have students represent their University through Civil Engineering competitions while helping expand their network with fellow students, professors , and companies. It includes business meeting, professional/technical presentations, competitions (surveying, technical paper presentations, concrete canoe, steel bridge), social activities and an awards banquet. Website:

Competition Captains
Listed below are the ongoing Competitions with their declared Captains. If interested in joining or for more information email the Captains below:

Professional Paper Captain: Sarah Ameling

Geotech Captain: Michael DePree

Balsa Pyramid Captain: Jackie Molfetto

Hydraulic Jump Captain: Reid Kirkpatrick

Concrete Shuffleboard Captain: Armando Perez

Environmental Captain: Jake Kelley

Plan Reading Captain: Andrew Hall

Mystery Captain: Gilberto Corral

T-shirt Captain: Vincent Stippler

Mortar Cube Captain: Travis Henriques

Visual Display Captain: Julia Felter

Surveying Captain: Ryan Petersen

Affiliated Organizations
Associated Builders and Contractors - UCF Student Chapter
The Purpose of the Central Florida Student Chapter is to branch the understanding gap between perspectives and methods as it is seen and performed in the industry, compared to how learned in the collegiate / academic world. By doing this we will be preparing the up-and-coming engineers to a more realistic understanding of how the industry operates while leaning how to maximize the knowledge/concepts learned in the classroom. ABC Through various events such as Student competitions, monthly networking events, jobsite visits along with potential scholarships & Fellowships, just to name a few, allow great exposure for us students to actively participate with alumni, leaders in the industry, faculty as well as many more. Please visit the chapter web page for more information at

American Concrete Institute - Central Florida Chapter
The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a nonprofit technical and educational society organized in 1904 and is one of the world's leading authorities on concrete technology. ACI is a forum for the discussion of all matters related to concrete and the development of solutions to problems. ACI conducts this forum through conventions and meetings; the ACI Structural Journal, the ACI Materials Journal, Concrete International, and technical publications; chapter activities; and technical committee work. As its chartered objective states, its purpose is "to provide a comradeship in finding the best ways to do concrete work of all kinds and in spreading that knowledge." Please visit the chapter web page for more information at

Society of Environmental Engineers
The Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE) is an organization that exists to promote awareness of the disciplines of environmental engineering. SEE is affiliated with the Water Environment Federation, Air and Waste Management Association, American Water Works Association, and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. The overall goal is to provide students with the opportunity to be involved in campus activities, facilitate networking opportunities within the local engineering community, and increase awareness of environmental engineering at UCF. Please visit the chapter web page for more information at

Engineers Without Borders - UCF Student Chapter
Established in 2007, we are one of the student chapters of Engineers Without Borders USA. Our mission is to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally sound and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible engineering students. Please visit the chapter web page for more information at

Pile Driving Contractors Association
The Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA) is an organization of pile driving contractors that advocates the increased use of driven piles for deep foundations and earth retention systems. Visit for more information. The Florida Chapter of the PDCA meets quarterly at various locations around the state. Please visit the chapter web page for more information at

Steel Bridge
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Concrete Canoe
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For anyone who has not turned in their Liability Waiver you can download it
here and turn it in when we meet again in the shop.

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